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Dr. Larrell L. Wilkinson

Child of God | Husband | Father | Teacher | Researcher | Certified Health Education Specialist | Wellness Coach

2001 | BS in Biology, Tennessee State University

2005 | MSPH in Health Promotion Education & Behavior, University of South Carolina

2011 | PhD, Health Services Policy & Management, University of South Carolina

Larrell Wilkinson is a follower of Christ, a husband, a father, and educator in the field of public/community health and human services. Dr. Wilkinson believes in THINKING, WORKING, & SERVING to live out your purpose…having journeyed through many different experiences, evolving during his life course.

Biographical Sketch & Timeline

He started working at age 12, cutting his neighbors grass and trimming hedges up until age 18; refereeing soccer games ages 15 – 19; serving as a maintenance technician (janitorial service) for Stone Mountain Park at age 16; work as a cashier and in customer service at Best Buy, ages 16 – 19; work as a truck unloader at United Parcel Service (UPS) at age 19; work as an office/laboratory assistant in the Dept. of Biological Science at Tennessee State University (TSU) at age 20; work as an intern at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) ages 20 – 22; worked as a Sales Associate at Best Buy & RadioShack at age 22; work as a Substitute Teacher at a Christian School at age 22; and work as a Graduate Assistant while studying for the Master of Science of Public Health (MSPH) at the Arnold School of Public Health at ages 23 – 26.

At age 26, Dr. Wilkinson began working full-time for the University of South Carolina (USC) as the Program Coordinator for the Office of Alcohol & Drug Programs. He later became the Director of the A & D Office at age 27, guiding it to change to the Office of Substance Abuse Prevention & Education. Leaving this role at age 30, he semi-retired in order to pursue his PhD full-time. While working as a Graduate Assistant for the Institute for Partnerships to Eliminate Health Disparities (IPEHD) at USC, he also began teaching at the University of Phoenix. In that role, he later became a Lead Faculty Area Chair (age 31). Completing his PhD at age 32, Dr. Wilkinson worked as Postdoctoral researcher at IPEHD while continuing to teach at the University of Phoenix. Dr. Wilkinson celebrated his 44th birthday in his home outside of Birmingham, AL, where he works in academia teaching Community Health & Human Services at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Dr. Wilkinson continues to THINK, WORK, & SERVE out his purpose and remains hopeful about the future.

Mrs. Khalia Wilkinson

Instagram: @Lyricc.K.Wilkinson

Child of God | Wife | Mother | Author | Children’s Mental Health Promoter | Women’s Ministry Leader

2013 | BS in Fashion and Retail Management, Art Institute of Pittsburgh

2018 | MA Ed in Counseling with a Concentration in School Counseling

Biographical Sketch

Khalia Wilkinson is a follower of Christ, a wife, a mother and a self-care writer. She has worked in the modeling, fashion, and entertainment industry; is a trained counselor; and currently works in teenage mental health and academic success. She is a life and style enthusiast providing helpful encouragement each day.

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