[BRICK]work & Justice Missions

The [BRICK]work & Justice Missions Group on Facebook is a space to support “Building”, “Repairing”, & “Improving” ourselves as men through “Christian Knowledge” and conducting works (Missions) to build “Justice” in society. We are an assembly of men, working as a team and with all people aligned with our mission to build God’s kingdom here on Earth. If you would like to join [BRICK]work & Justice Missions, please visit:

Your Life, Your Style

Your Life, Your Style is a grow group on for women. The group is a space for SISTERHOOD, PERSONAL GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT. If you would like to join Your Life, Your Style, please visit:


Driving Hope Ministries

We partner with rehabilitation ministries to provide usable vehicles to the individuals progressing through their programs to ensure they have access to reliable transportation. We take any vehicle donations as well as financial donations. To find out more about DHM, please visit:

Harvest Community Charities

Harvest Community Charities (HCC) works to provide the best available local, fresh, & nutritious foods to faith-based organizations. HCC envisions entire communities and cities transformed by the matchless power and love of Jesus Christ. By treating the whole person and addressing the tangible needs of each individual and family with fresh, healthy, food needed to survive; HCC enables their partners to build trust and long-term discipling relationships with those they serve within their communities. To learn more about HCC, please visit:

Love One, Raise One

The mission of Love One Raise One is to prepare youth to live a strong, healthy, and independent life and to teach core values of respect in a caring environment. We focus to make sure youth have an equal opportunity with education, work, and life. We want our children/community that reach out to feel love, gain knowledge, understand how to be a successful individual, and respect themselves and others. The organization focuses highly on preparing our children/community to a higher learning and keeping them focused. To find out more about Love One, Raise One, please visit or

None Suffers Lack Ministry

We work to help develop and educate people on God’s word and His promises for your life. To find out more about NSLM, please visit or join NSLM at


We exist to end needless suffering. We work to provide resources to individuals or families in need. We also aid individuals and families by ensuring resources (i.e. physical, financial, emotional, mental, spiritual) are appropriate and sustainable, supporting access of these safe and healthy resources within underserved communities. Please visit to learn more.