Employing Your Talents

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In conversation, my friend mentioned to me that she was stuck in a job that brought her no passion, no joy, and had become a ‘drag’ on her daily routine.  This led me to ask the inevitable question, why don’t you look for a new job?  Her reply, “I am content where I am.”  Well, I wasn’t convinced and come to think of it; I am not sure she was either. 

Although there are many reasons one can become dissatisfied with one’s job, my friend’s explanation for her dissatisfaction was lack of interest.  The pay was good, but she simply wasn’t challenged in her daily tasks, nor did she see room for advancement.  Quite frankly, with an increase in educational attainment and her years of experience in her current job; she developed professionally and it was time to ascend to a new plateau.  Many adult Americans spend a third of awake hours at work.  Thus, we should seek greater fulfillment from our jobs.  Steps to professional development may require additional education, internships (paid or unpaid), mentorship, training, certification, and possibly taking a leap of faith.  However, if it brings greater ‘peace of mind’, it may be worth it in the end.  PHAMILY, what are your thoughts?  Your experiences?


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