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Youngest Black Mayor in U.S.: Jaylen Smith becomes LEGEND

By Tan Walker | Community Health & Human Services Intern

A recent high school graduate, 18-year-old Jaylen Smith, has left his mark on the U.S. by becoming the youngest elected black mayor after defeating his opponent, Nemo Mathews Sr. in a runoff election. The teenager received 218 votes while Mathews only received 139 votes (MSN, 2022) .

 Smith is a native Earle, Arkansas, with big plans for his small town. Earle has approximately 2,000 residents (MSN, 2022). After his victory, he expressed his gratitude to his supporters by sharing a Facebook post that reads: “It’s Time to Build a Better Chapter of Earle, Arkansas, I would like to thank all my supporters for stepping up getting people to the polls. I am truly grateful for you all.” Mathews, his opponent, also congratulated him on Facebook and wished him well. 

Jaylen Smith told FOX13 about a few of his plans following the election. These plans involve improving public safety, tearing down abandoned houses, having effective transportation for the community, and bringing in a grocery store for the small town.

We would like to congratulate Smith for his outstanding accomplishments, and for being a young role model for the youth. Great job, Jaylen! 


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